it’s a misconception that pain is a normal part of the aging process. While not all pain can be avoided, that doesn’t mean it has to be accepted as an unchangeable condition. There are many conservative options available. Contact Body WoRx to find out about them!


What does physical well-being look and feel like to you? Let Body WoRx help you regain this state with a customized, collaborative plan.


Learn the tools to independently manage your condition and prevent it and other from impacting your life in the future.


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Body WoRx is a concierge Physical Therapy office offering one-on-one, patient centered care that incorporates the most effective manual therapy techniques and individualized exercises to treat and prevent orthopedic conditions. Our client goals range from returning to regular activities of daily living without restrictive pain to competing at a professional level in sports without missing time due to injury. Our patient centered care model is based on delivering treatment tailored to the client’s needs, unrestricted by insurance constraints. Early morning, night, and weekend appointments are available to fit anyone’s busy schedule. Set up an appointment today!

Treatment times range from 30-90 minutes to accommodate the needs of the client and can be flexibly scheduled during early morning, evening, or on weekends to work with your schedule.