Traditional Physical Therapy consists of spending $20-$75 on co-pays, 2-3 times a week, for 4-12 weeks with initial treatment by a physical therapist, and follow-ups from either another physical therapy, a physical therapist assistant or even a technician after that, who is seeing 2 or more other patients at the same time. This model leads to poor care, an extended time spent attending sessions, and more money spent by the client to achieve the same positive outcomes, if they are ever reached.
At Body WoRx, we do not accept insurance. Insurance is responsible for the restrictions that limit the quality of care traditionally given in our inefficient health care system. After an initial evaluation, clients can receive treatment without a Physician’s referral regardless of the body part of parts. This means you won’t have to wait to see your Physician, or pay additional co-pays to get treatment.
Treatment times range from 30-90 minutes to accommodate the needs of the client and can be flexibly scheduled during early morning, evening, or on weekends to work with your schedule.


You can text or call (239) 465-9234 to request an
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Body WoRx

Body WoRx is a concierge Physical Therapy office offering one-on-one, patient centered care that incorporates the most effective manual therapy techniques and individualized exercises to treat and prevent orthopedic conditions. Our client goals range from returning to regular activities of daily living without restrictive pain to competing at a professional level in sports without missing time due to injury. Our patient centered care model is based on delivering treatment tailored to the client’s needs, unrestricted by insurance constraints. Early morning, night, and weekend appointments are available to fit anyone’s busy schedule. Set up an appointment today!



“Talayna is very accommodating and fit me in the next day! She is very attentive and knowledgeable about her work. She explained why I had the pain in my knee and shoulder. Highly recommend! I felt better by the end of the visit! Thank you!”
– Melissa Kelly Baranowski

Jennifer-Alvarez-Linguidi“Talayna is an excellent physical therapist and has a strong attention to detail. Her athleticism, her knowledge of anatomy and physiology, and her genuine caring sets her apart. She takes great pride in her work and strives for excellence.”
– Jennifer Alvarez Linguidi

“Talayna is by far the most skilled and professional PT I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Her treatments are effective and her approach is holistic in healing both acute and chronic injuries. It’s so awesome to see her succeeding in her new independent practice.”
– Jesus Raimundi III

Brian Fox“Talayna has been there, done that, probably broke that and had to fix it for herself! She is a premier athlete that truly understands how the body works!! That translates to personal care for you from an unmatched knowledge base. She’s straight forward and gets to the point. If you can listen and follow through she never gives up until your performing in better balance than ever! Can’t recommend her and her work highly enough.”
– Brian Fox


Treatment techniques are selected on an individual basis and performed to restore optimal motion and decrease pain. More adequate motion is restored through neurologic adaptation, the removal of soft tissue adhesions and mobilization of restricted joints. With the joints and soft tissue movement restored, pain can be eliminated and the body able to excel at the demands placed upon it.


The Myofascial Releaser instrument enables the treatment of fascial restrictions and scar tissue thereby eliminating the limitations they cause. This allows for greater increases in range of motion, elimination of pain, and faster restoration of function.


Chinese cupping therapy is another form of myofascial release involving the decompression of restricted tissue to eliminate fascial adhesions and increase circulation, thereby promoting healing. The suction imposed, creates a negative pressure that is used to restore proper fascial and muscle tone, loosen adhesions, lift connective tissue allowing greater flow of lymph and other circulatory fluids, bring hydration and blood flow to ischemic tissues, and help eliminate toxins and excess fluid by encouraging lymphatic drainage. Cupping can is versatile to most body parts and can be done with or without movement to accommodate for individual tolerance and comfort.


Hypervolt massager uses advanced percussive frequency modulation therapy to decrease musculoskeletal pain. The Hypervolt has 3 settings making it adaptable to the client and a noise buffer for auditory comfort during treatment. It is extremely effective in utilizing neural pathways of vibration to allow the body to move without pain through greater ranges of motion following treatment.


Kinesiotape is a stretchable, breathable tape that can have positive affects on movement and the body during athletics and at rest. It provides the body with biomechanical feedback throughout movement that can be used to encourage the correction of faulty movement patterns, serve as a reminder for better postural habits, and alter mechanics enough to allow for greater pain free movement. Kinesiotape also lifts the skin lightly, providing less resistance to lymphatic flow and aiding in the body’s ability to heal through the clearance of inflammation and retained fluid/edema.